2007 May මස 14 වැනිදා Monday

Precast leader Tindall Corp. selects IFS Applications

IFS shows capabilities in both the manufacturing and construction space

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, has been selected to provide enterprise applications by Tindall Corporation, a leading provider of precast and prestressed concrete panels and products. 

Tindall Corporation designs and manufactures precast and prestressed concrete systems for office buildings, industrial facilities, parking decks, prisons and bridges, and also produces precast concrete prison cells for facilities throughout the United States. The company employs approximately 900 at locations in Conley, Ga., Spartanburg, S.C., Biloxi, Miss. and Petersburg, Va.

Tindall Corporation will implement a full complement of IFS Applications for financial management, document management, business performance management, distribution, manufacturing, project management, maintenance, support and service management, call center as well as sales and sales contract management.

According to Tindall Corporation Information Technology Director Steve Flacy, IFS Applications are being implemented to replace a number of disparate systems running within the firm. Various homegrown and commercial systems had been implemented at Tindall Corporation to augment their existing software. Choosing an application to replace the company’s current systems was not easy.

“We looked at a lot of products,” Flacy said. “But we are an engineer-to-order (ETO) company, and almost all the systems we considered are really geared towards repetitive manufacturers. Only a few systems are designed for ETO companies like us. And of those, IFS was the only one who will support a construction company as easily as they support a manufacturer. There was no one else out there that does everything we needed.”

“IFS is actively growing our manufacturing customer base in North America and at the same time winning a following in the construction industry,” IFS North America President and CEO Cindy Jaudon said. “As manufacturing has become more project-oriented, our functionality has grown to encompass the transactions and functions that construction contractors require. In North America, companies like Tindall Corporation with one foot in the manufacturing camp and one foot in the construction camp are finding our broad capabilities a good fit.”

About IFS and IFS Applications

IFS (OMXS: IFS), the global enterprise applications company, provides solutions that enable organizations to respond quickly to market changes, allowing resources to be used in a more agile way to achieve better business performance and competitive advantage.IFS was founded in 1983 and now has 2,600 employees worldwide. IFS pioneered component-based enterprise resources planning (ERP) software with IFS Applications, now in its seventh generation. IFS’ component architecture provides solutions that are easier to implement, run, and upgrade. IFS Applications is available in 54 countries, in 20 languages.IFS has more than 500,000 users across seven key vertical sectors: aerospace & defense, automotive, high-tech, industrial manufacturing, process industries, construction & facilities management, and utilities & telecom. IFS Applications provides extended ERP functionality, including supply chain management (SCM); enterprise asset management (EAM); maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO); product lifecycle management (PLM); customer relationship management (CRM); and corporate performance management (CPM) capabilities.The construction, contracting, and service management industry is one of IFS’ targeted vertical market segments. The company offers a complete and integrated business solution that manages the entire project and contract lifecycle. With IFS Applications, companies can support and improve business processes by collaborating more closely with suppliers, subcontractors, operators, and customers. IFS Applications includes functionality for contract and project management, risk management, budgeting and forecasting, resource scheduling and optimization, mobile solutions for field work force, call and case management—all integrated with financials, procurement, manufacturing, and workforce management. Existing IFS customers in the construction, contracting, and service management industry include Fabcon, Chief Industries, Hertel, Debut Services, First Engineering, Mitsui Babcock, Grenland Group, Dalkia, Anticimex, Eltel Networks, and Kalmar Industries.

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