2014 June මස 12 වැනිදා Thursday

Polish ICT service provider Cyfrowe Sieci Multimedialne streamlines project management with IFS Applications

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Cyfrowe Sieci Multimedialne (CSM) Sp. z o.o., a Polish ICT service provider, has deployed IFS Applications™ to streamline its business processes, including project management, warehousing, and procurement.

  • Improved project management and control in real time
  • IFS Applications empowers CSM to deliver precise quotes
  • IFS solution supports project management, financials, HR, distribution, and document management

CSM provides various ICT integration and optimization services as part of complex IT deployments. The CSM organization comprises specialized service vendor Globlogic and Informatyka—an IFS Poland partner company authorized to sell and implement IFS Applications.

The CSM group’s main reason for deploying an ERP system was to improve management of projects in different regions across the country. Other key areas were warehousing, procurement, financials, human resources, distribution, and document management, which also needed a more modern solution.

Following a successful implementation, CSM has effectively centralized its business-critical data while streamlining processes such as project management, logistics, and document management, saving approximately 25% in costs. The implementation of IFS Applications has also led to lower procurement and warehousing costs—a 15% reduction in Q1 2014.

“Before IFS Applications, we used standalone software to schedule tasks, which made managing the costs of specific projects difficult,” Cyfrowe Sieci Multimedialne Sp. z o.o. CEO Robert Szydłowski said. “With the new management features, we can monitor processes in real time, enabling us to handle tasks in a more efficient manner. By analyzing the data we are able to capture through IFS Applications, we can evaluate each business opportunity and produce more precise quotes, thereby giving us a competitive edge.”

“Project-oriented companies are an important market for IFS and we are excited that CSM is able to benefit from our solution,” IFS CEE CEO Marcin Taranek said. “We are also pleased to announce that CSM subsidiary and IFS business partner Informatyka helped to make this deployment a success by demonstrating its IFS Applications implementation expertise.”

About Cyfrowe Sieci Multimedialne (CSM) Sp. z o.o.

Cyfrowe Sieci Multimedialne (CSM) company is a service provider in the area of telecommunication, cable television, structured cabling, facility security systems, electric installations, and systems integration. They offer various ICT integration and optimization services as part of complex IT deployments. CSM group also includes Globlogic Sp. z o.o., a vendor specialized in services related to telecommunication, cable television and radio broadcasting network infrastructure, and Informatyka Sp. z o.o., which is a business partner of IFS Poland authorized to sell and implement IFS Applications. For more information visit: www.csm.pl

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