2014 August මස 19 වැනිදා Tuesday

Çağla Group selects ERP software from IFS to manage its business processes

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, today announced that Çağla Group, a Turkish construction and contracting company, will implement IFS Applications to manage its business processes, including project management.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Çağla Group selected IFS Applications because of the large number of reference customers available, IFS’ track record in the constructing and contracting sector, and the industry-specific ERP software, including project management functionality, provided by IFS.

The first phase of this project, at Çağla Electric, commenced in June and includes components for  purchase and inventory management, accounting and financing, payroll, human resources, project management and budget, sub-contracts and allowances, sales contracts and executive allowances, unit price analyses, bills of quantities (BOQ), bid and tender management, customer relations management (CRM), business intelligence and IFS mobile applications. Subsequently, IFS Applications will be rolled out to other companies in the group, which also has offices across the Middle East and Africa.

The project management capabilities in IFS Applications will provide Çağla Group with business-critical solutions for tracking projects and costs, managing sub-contracts, calculating allowances, analyzing unit prices, handling bills of quantities, and managing sales and tenders.

“Within the framework of the agreement we have concluded with IFS, we will benefit from a system that IFS developed exclusively for construction and contracting sector, in which many of our requirements are included as standard. We will also enjoy the knowledge of its experienced team in this sector and the superior technology of IFS,” said Cemal Doğan, founder of Çağla Group.

“Working with such an important name in the Turkish construction sector like Çağla Group is a great honor for us. The project-oriented structure of IFS Applications will be a great advantage for them. I believe it will be a really successful project,” said Ergin Öztürk, Vice President and Sales Director of IFS Turkey.

IFS has many national and international references in the construction and contracting sector, which is one of its target sectors, including the sector’s leading names like Sinpaş Group, Makyol, Özaltın, Dia Holding, Dap Yapı, Ofton, Inanlar, Numanoğlu, Taca, Azer Yapı, Dost Yapı, Dorçe Prefabrik and Vefa Prefabrik.

About Çağla Group

Çağla Group has gained a prestigious position in the electrical sector over 20 years. It carries out electrical design and implementation projects in 5 countries on 3 continents. Çağla Group, which produces unique projects with its "Turn-Key Quality” slogan, has 1000 employees, including 100 engineers. Çağla Group is headquartered in Istanbul and has offices in Iraq, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Libya.
Çağla Group also carries out projects in Europe, North Africa, Russia & CIS.

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