2011 November මස 02 වැනිදා Wednesday

IFS Tech Lunch: Mobility took center stage

On October 31, the second installment of IFS Tech Lunch was held at Operakällaren in Stockholm. The topic of the event was mobility in the workplace and how technology can transform when and how we work.

Attending the event was Alexander Sovré from TNS Sifo, who presented the results of an IFS-sponsored survey on how mobility is perceived by executives in Sweden, Germany and the UK. The survey examines how new technology and the popular image of the modern workplace affect the normal workday. The debate was broadened by Anders Parment of Stockholm University, who gave a nuanced insight into what different generations expect from their employers. Anders also gave his views on how modern organizations should adapt to the changing demands of the new generation of employees emerging on the market.

The discussion, moderated by IFS CTO Dan Matthews, touched upon a wide spectrum of issues such as how much time executives spend on performing administrative tasks, to what extent mobile solutions are available in the workplace, and how younger generations handle the ever-increasing stream of information of modern business.

IFS Tech Lunch is a concept sponsored by IFS. The ambition of these regular events is to gather opinion leaders to discuss technology trends that affect business and society as a whole.

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