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Flinth Industrial Park partners with IFS for Fast Track ERP Implementation and Sustainable Growth

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka 14 September 2010: With complete confidence in its ability to meet stringent quality requireme

“We’ve never seen anything like it” – Managing Director, Flinth Industrial Park

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka 14 September 2010: With complete confidence in its ability to meet stringent quality requirements, Sweden-based global business solutions provider IFS, was chosen by Flinth Industrial Park (FIP) to rapidly deploy its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for all nine companies operating within the park. IFS has already deployed its full-fledged solutions for two of FIP’s companies within 1.5 months, a feat never-before witnessed in the region.

FIP, which brings a unique industrial park concept to Sri Lanka, is the brain child of Swedish entrepreneur and visionary Rune Flinth. The park is based upon the concept that companies should focus mainly on production, while supporting functions such as finance, IT, legal services, quality control and human resources, are handled by the park itself. “It’s a concept new not only to Sri Lanka, but to the world,” Flinth Industrial Park’s Managing Director Michael Thorburn explained, “but we are happy with its progress here in Sri Lanka and we intend to be here for the long-term.”

Choosing the right ERP provider

Located in a 10-acrea area in Kadawatha, FIP already has eight export-oriented companies in residence, creating products that are highly technical, state-of-the-art and demanding stringent levels of quality in both hardware and software. “We decided from the outset that we needed a globally-reputed ERP provider for the park to ensure that all the functions process smoothly,” he explained, “but at the same time, the ERP provider should have been able to adhere to the extremely high levels of quality our companies needed to comply with.” 

He pointed out that while there were a few global companies that could cover all the functions carried out by FIP with their ERP systems, only IFS from the outset had a strong exposure and expertise in Manufacturing and Supply Chain sector and a full fledge offering that satisfied all our senior management”. “IFS had no competition in that aspect,” he pointed out, “and their ability to be compliant with the most rigid quality requirements necessary in the airspace industry ideally suited our requirements.” FIP is home to AeroSense Ltd, a company manufacturing sensors for aircrafts across the world, and which needs to adhere to the highest levels of quality. This in turn benefitted all the other companies in the park, Thorburn pointed out, since the quality assurance system embedded in the ERP had to be of the highest standard.

“Very impressed by IFS”

Six weeks on and two companies fully “Live”, Thorburn explained that he was fully satisfied and impressed. “The all-Sri Lankan implementation team was excellent. And we were very impressed by the way IFS handled the process. We’d never seen anything like it.” He went on to say that he was looking forward to a long-term strategic partnership with IFS and that both companies will work closely together to ensure the smooth implementation of the ERP system across the board. “We expect all companies to be set up within 3-4 months of signing up.” IFS South Asia Vice President Jayatha De Silva explained that Flinth’s requirements in an ERP were challenging from the start but IFS was bold and took it on. “For the success of any ERP implementation there are four factors that need to fall into place. And we were extremely happy at how corporative and supportive FIP were to make the smooth implementation of the ERP system a success.” 

Formula for ERP success- “the 4 factors”

He explained that the first factor of success is that the business solution must match the requirements of the business. “In this situation, the ERP we offered covered all the functions required by Flinth Industrial Park, including HR, finance, and quality assurance.”

The second factor was the consultants and experienced personnel that went into the task. “IFS had the potential and the capacity, with its hugely experienced  team of consultants to take on this challenge, work the long hours, and get the ERP going well within the prescribed time frame.” 

The third factor for a successful implementation was the post-implementation, he explained. “The hand-holding is vital for the entire process to run smoothly, and in a project of this scale and magnitude this is even more important.” With this in mind, IFS will have two of its own personnel working with FIP, on-the-ground and at-hand, after the ERP goes live in order to make sure the system functions smoothly and to train any new personnel entering FIP, on the ERP. 

The fourth factor was the customer’s readiness, and Jayantha pointed out that in this respect, FIP were extremely supportive. “When you want the ERP implemented so fast, you need the customer to set his priorities and let us know what is most important, first,” he explained, “We found FIP ready with their guidelines and recommendations and ready to compromise in order to focus on what was most vital.” Jayantha explained that these factors, tied-in with the trust FIP placed in IFS, enabled the project to be a success and that FIP is already reaping the rewards of their initial investment with two companies live on the ERP. “It has been the ideal marriage,” Jayantha concluded, “and the experience we’ve had with Flinth will help IFS grow in strength within the region.”

About Flinth Industrial Park

Industrial Park is a subsidiary of the Swedish holding company Swedcord Development AB owned by Mr. Rune Flinth. Mr. Flinth has been an industrialist in Sri Lanka for over 20 years creating two major companies. Flintec with factories in Katunayake and Koggala is one of the world's largest manufacturers of precision load cells and strain gage. Toroid, a world leading designer and manufacturer specialized in toroidal transformers and inductors. Both Flintec and Toroid are globally well recognized and deliver products to customers worldwide.  

The primary mission of Flinth Industrial Park is to provide comprehensive support services to the companies in the park to enable them to focus on production and realizing their visions.  Flinth Industrial Park aims at providing the right, complete environment for demanding companies when it comes to premises, services, administrative support and training of the employees. The package of services offered by the Park include accountancy, human resources, corporate communications, technology support services, sourcing and clearing of goods including processing of export & import documents, administrative support and legal advice.   The Industrial Park, designed to the highest international standards, is being established in a lush area of 10 acres in Kadawatha, Sri Lanka. The total floor area will be approx. 20,000 sqm. The administration of Flinth Industrial Park and of the companies in the Park will be housed in the Park Center. The Industrial Park will have a canteen for all employees and visitors. Adequate parking facilities will be provided for employees and visitors. The Park is built on the concept of an eco-friendly sustainable development model using solar energy for water heating, outdoor lighting and signage; and rain harvesting to reduce the need of corporate water usage

About IFS

IFS is a public company (OMX STO: IFS) founded in 1983 that develops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications™, a component-based extended ERP suite built on SOA technology. IFS focuses on agile businesses where any of four core processes are strategic: Service & asset management, manufacturing, supply chain and project. The company has 2,000 customers and is present in more than 50 countries with 2, 700 employees in total. Net revenue in 2009 was Skr 2.6 billion.

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