2010 October මස 29 වැනිදා Friday

IFS customer named Computerworld IT Leader 2010

Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji (MPWiK, Municipal Waterworks and Sewerage Company) in Wrocław, Poland, has been presented with the prestigious Computerworld IT Leader 2010 award in the Utilities category. The competition has been organized annually by Computerworld magazine for the past 14 years. The award was made in recognition of IT innovations used by MPWiK to streamline its business operations. Implementing IFS Applications was one of the key projects.

The IT Leader competition serves to highlight companies and institutions which are successfully using IT. It has been organized for the past 14 years and is the most prestigious competition of the IT industry in Poland. In 2010 the awards were presented in six categories: finance, industry, retail and services, public sector and—for the first time—utilities, as well as healthcare. To date, almost one thousand enterprises and institutions from various market sectors, as well as public administration, have participated in the competition.

MPWiK in Wrocław is the oldest waterworks and sewerage company in Poland. It was established in 1871 when its first Na Grobli facility was launched. Today, MPWiK in Wrocław has more than 800 employees and supplies water to 700,000 recipients, using a waterworks network of almost 1850 km in length. The company has actively contributed to conservation of the environment, using funds from the European Union. The WOŚ Janówek sewage treatment site is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in Poland. Currently, the company is involved in the second stage of a project aimed at “improving water and sewage management in Wrocław” valued at more than € 50 million.

As of May 2009, MPWiK Wrocław relies on an ERP solution from IFS to support its management processes. Currently the following components are being used: IFS Financials, IFS Distribution, IFS Tool Management (part of IFS Maintenance), IFS Employee Equipment (part of IFS Human Resources). As of early 2011 new functionality will become available: IFS Document Management, IFS Maintenance and IFS Project Management. In the near future MPWiK Wrocław also wants to implement the full functionality of IFS Human Resources. IFS Applications is currently being utilized by 120 users, a number that will increase to 220 by the end of 2011 (half of all the company’s computer users). The main benefits of implementing the system include an improved information flow within the company, more effective financial management, better material management, and streamlined procurement processes.

“As a public utility company, we are especially obliged to manage our costs in every area of our operations. Modern IT solutions, such as IFS Applications, help us to improve the management of the extensive infrastructure and improve our company's effectiveness, thus decreasing costs and improving customer service quality,” Witold Ziomek, Vice President, MPWiK in Wrocław, commented.

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