2010 December මස 28 වැනිදා Tuesday

Kazakhmys implements IFS Applications across its entire corporation

Kazakhmys Group, one of the world’s largest copper suppliers, has extended its agreement with IFS to implement IFS Applications procurement software across the entire Group. The new contract with IFS Russia & CIS includes more than 1000 additional licenses.

Kazakhmys has been an IFS customer since 2007 and is currently using IFS Applications for procurement and human resource management at five Group sites. The new contract extends the use of IFS Applications to all Kazakhmys subsidiaries to provide the Group with an integrated view of all of its procurement processes.

With IFS Applications, Kazakhmys will be able to plan material procurement dynamically and precisely, allowing exact demand forecasts on a quarterly and yearly basis. The Group will get full control of real stock volumes, materials availability and automatic replenishment of safety reserves of crucial material, all of which are important for the business. Furthermore, IFS Applications will enable the company’s business processes to be consolidated into a single information environment to make Group procurement more transparent and efficient.

“We can already see the first results of implementing IFS Applications. We have been able to streamline our procurement processes, and we now have new tools for control and analysis. After implementing the solution in all subsidiaries we look forward to seeing even more significant business benefits,” Andrey Puzanov, director of Kazakhmys Group trade house and chairman of the project management committee, said.

About Kazakhmys Group

Kazakhmys is the largest copper producer in Kazakhstan and in the top ten worldwide. Kazakhmys is fully integrated from mining ore through to the production of finished copper metal. The copper division has operating sites across Kazakhstan with 15 open pit and underground mines, 10 concentrators and two smelting and refining complexes. The Copper division owns coal mines and power plants, which supply sufficient energy for all the operations. In addition to the captive power plants, the Group owns 50% of Ekibastuz GRES-1, the largest power plant in Kazakhstan. The Group manages over 20% of Kazakhstan's power supply. The copper division also produces significant volumes of other metals as by-products, including zinc, silver and gold, which represent around 25% of revenue.

Fully integrated production and valuable by-products make Kazakhmys one of the lowest-cost copper producers in the world. These advantages, combined with a large reserve base, give the Group a strong platform for future growth and development.

More information on Kazakhmys is available at www.KAZAKHMYS.com

About IFS

IFS is a public company (XSTO: IFS) founded in 1983 that develops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications™, a component-based extended ERP suite built on SOA technology. IFS focuses on agile businesses where any of four core processes are strategic: service & asset management, manufacturing, supply chain and projects. The company has 2,000 customers and is present in more than 50 countries with 2,700 employees in total. Net revenue in 2009 was SKr 2.6 billion.

More information on IFS is available at www.IFSWORLD.com

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