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IFS launches new solution for the energy & utilities industry

The energy & utilities solution is being launched this week at Energiforum in Oslo, Norway, hosted by IFS, at which Norwegian and Swedish representatives of the industry are meeting for two days. Based on IFS’ 25-year-long experience in the industry, the solution has been developed in collaboration with Hafslund, Statnett and Buskerud, all Norwegian energy & utilities corporations. News includes increased use of mobile functionality, improved document management, and lower costs for customers.

From an international perspective, Nordic utilities have much greater experience of operating in competitive, deregulated markets, in which the focus has been on adapting to market conditions and customer orientation while continuing to efficiently produce, transmit and distribute power. 

“Our objective in participating in the project was to develop a solution that supported the needs we have today,” said Dag Akselsen, project and development director at Hafslund. “The industry has undergone tremendous change in recent years, and we need enterprise applications that support this. We have collaborated closely with IFS to gain maximum benefit from IFS Applications.”  

Hafslund is a project-intensive enterprise. In recent years, IFS has developed functionality specifically for this type of business, which Hafslund is implementing step by step. 

“We are extremely project-oriented at Hafslund and are therefore dependent on applications for this type of operations. Maintenance schedules, workshops, and repairing and constructing infrastructure are examples of operations that are project-driven. In our experience, the new functionality in IFS Applications provides good support for projects and makes it easier to integrate technicians, suppliers and customers,” concludes Akselsen.

“IFS has 25 years experience collaborating with utilities in Scandinavia, and we have often developed new functionality in collaboration with our customers,” said Anders Wilhelmsson, industry director for service and asset-intensive industries at IFS. “Such collaboration has often formed the basis for our global industry solutions.”

Anders Wilhelmsson sees further benefits, “Utilities are being deregulated throughout the world, which places new demands on a company’s processes. Enterprise applications must be agile and offer functionality that supports the new processes.”

IFS prioritizes the energy and utilities industry and has more than 130 customers involved in power generation, transmission and distribution and water and sewage. These include the world's largest hydropower plant, Three Gorges (P. R. China), nuclear power plants OKG (Sweden), PBMR (South Africa) and Qinshan (P. R. China), grid operators such as Svenska Kraftnät (Sweden), Statnett (Norway) and TenneT (The Netherlands) as well as distributors such as Vattenfall (Sweden), Fortum (Sweden), and Hafslund Energi (Norway). Reliable and safe Asset management and workforce management are critical processes in the energy and utility industry, to which IFS has provided solutions for more than 20 years.

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