2016 April මස 25 වැනිදා Monday

IFS collaborates with students to deploy solution at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering


IFS CSR program supports volunteering graduate students deploy IFS HR solution at Russia’s largest technical university to digitize the management of post graduate information

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that a non-commercial association of graduates at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), has completed the pilot project of implementation of IFS Applications™ 9 for HR. The IFS solution supports the management of an integrated database of MIIT graduates.

In January 2016, IFS and the Association of MIIT graduates launched a joint pilot project aimed at implementing IFS Applications as the association’s HR system. Volunteering students working closely with IFS consultants began to create a database of MIIT graduates that will be managed by IFS Applications to enable the university to effectively engage with graduates after they leave the university.

MIIT is the largest technical higher-education establishment in Russia with more than 100,000 active students, so effectively managing a large alumni is key to fostering an effective ecosystem around the university.

“IFS was founded in a university setting and in line with our CSR focus, we are passionate about working with students around the world,” IFS Russia & CIS general director Andrey Nikolaev said. “This is partly why we are especially pleased to deliver this project together with the MIIT student team, who showed great dedication and spirit throughout the implementation. We are convinced that IFS Applications will help the association streamline their processes and we look forward to extending our collaboration with the university.”

Andrey Zaytsev, CEO the Association of MIIT graduates, added, “By implementing IFS Applications as the central repository for HR data, we will benefit from a consolidated view of our graduates, which, in turn, will offer valuable support in starting their careers. We also believe that there are additional areas in the university where IFS’s solutions can play a key role for both students and faculty.”

For more information about how IFS invests in the communities where it operates, please visit the Corporate Social Responsibility section of the IFS website: www.ifsworld.com/en/company/about-ifs/csr/.

About MIIT

Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) is the oldest institution of higher technical education in Russia founded in 1896. More than 360,000 qualified specialists with the higher education graduated from the University. There are 37 University branches in 24 constituent entities of Russian Federation which offer programs of higher and secondary professional education. The total number of students, postgraduates and doctoral candidates is more than 118 thousand, including over 1,800 international students from 29 countries. The academic staff of the University numbers 2,500 teachers, among them 284 professors and 898 associate professors.

Today MIIT is the largest scientific and academic complex in Russia, the leader in the field of training and retraining of specialists and scientific personnel for transport and transport construction. MIIT believes that its mission is to become a system integrator of the transport education, science and innovative activities. www.miit.ru

About IFS

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