2017 April මස 20 වැනිදා Thursday

Automotive manufacturer Plastic 7A opts for IFS Applications to modernize production

Plastic 7A to leverage IFS Applications 9 in company-wide initiative to implement lean manufacturing

IFS, the global business applications company, announces that leading plastic manufacturer Plastic 7A has decided to implement IFS Applications™ 9 to support mission-critical processes such as financials, human resources, CRM, logistics, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and quality assurance.

Plastic 7A, manufacturer of plastic components for the automotive industry with customers such as Audi, Opel, Seat, Ford, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche, has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The expanded company structure called for a more powerful, robust and scalable ERP solution that could enable it to grow rapidly and profitably.

After considering providers such as SAP and QAD, Plastic 7A opted for the integrated IFS solution. The new system offers comprehensive support for the company's modernization needs and facilitates the implementation of lean systems and compliance with IATF standards, which are essential requirements for companies in the automotive supply chain.

In addition to streamlining its decision-making process, Plastic 7A expects a reduction in ERP maintenance costs and a significant improvement in reporting and KPI achievement.

“We are convinced that IFS Applications will be a key contributing factor in the growth of Plastic 7A,” said Carlos González, CEO, Plastic 7A.

Gustavo Brito, CEO of IFS in Spain and Portugal, added, “With Plastic 7A, IFS has strengthened its position as a leading software provider in the automotive industry. Our experience from working with companies such as Grupo Borgstena and Manufactura Moderna de Metales, coupled with the extensive industry knowledge of our partner SII Concatel, will make the project a success.”

IFS and SII Concatel will implement IFS Applications across four Plastic 7A plants in Valencia, Spain.

More information about how IFS supports companies in the automotive industry can be found here: www.ifsworld.com/corp/industries/automotive/.

About Plastic 7A

Plastic 7A is a leading manufacturer of parts for the automotive industry. The company is committed to cutting-edge R&D, plastic injection, inside/outside pieces and end-to-end assembly in order to optimize processes. It has four manufacturing plants in the province of Valencia, employing a total of 450 professionals. The Plastic 7A group has a turnover of 45 million euros per annum. For further information visit: www.plastic7a.com

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