2017 June මස 29 වැනිදා Thursday

Global manufacturer selects IFS Applications 9 to integrate key business processes

BIM Kemi to implement IFS solution to streamline operations and enhance supply chain transparency across ten countries

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that the manufacturing company BIM Kemi has chosen IFS Applications™ 9 to integrate its operations and support continued growth in Europe and Africa. The solution will be implemented and supported by IFS partner Novacura, a member of the IFS Partner Network.

BIM Kemi is a rapidly growing global developer and manufacturer of concepts, technology and services for the pulp, paper, board and cellulose fiber industries. The company has offices in ten countries, including Finland, Norway, Germany, the UK, South Africa and Sweden.

Following a thorough evaluation process, BIM Kemi chose IFS Applications 9 to enhance the efficiency of its multi-site business. The IFS solution includes support for key business processes, including financials, supply chain management, process manufacturing, sales and CRM as well as business intelligence. IFS Applications 9 will replace a number of legacy systems and point-to-point solutions to form the unifying ERP backbone for BIM Kemi.

“By implementing a central ERP solution across our sales and manufacturing units we will be able to achieve significant efficiencies such as optimized productivity, quality and transparency,” said Stefan Krantz at BIM Kemi. “IFS Applications 9 stood out as the superior solution for unifying our business across the regions where we are active. We also found a good cultural fit with the IFS partner Novacura and we look forward to getting started on the roll-out together”.

“IFS Applications is a good fit with the operations of BIM Kemi and the relationship between Novacura and BIM Kemi is excellent. Together we will establish a global platform for efficiency and future growth,” said Johan Melander, CEO at Novacura.

Glenn Arnesen, CEO for IFS in Scandinavia, added, “We are very pleased that yet another successful, global manufacturer has chosen IFS. This is a great win for both IFS and our partner Novacura and a testament to the continued success of our partner strategy. The chemical and pulp and paper industries are part of IFS’s heritage and a strong area of expertise for us. BIM Kemi is a perfect example of how a rapidly growing global company can use IFS Applications to enhance business process efficiency across several regions to boost performance.”

You can read more about IFS’s solutions for pulp and paper here: www.ifsworld.com/corp/industries/asset-intensive/pulp-and-paper-software/.

About BIM Kemi

BIM Kemi develops, manufactures, applies and supplies functionality concepts, technology and service for the pulp, paper, board and cellulose fiber based industries´ products and processes. Founded in 1973, the company has been listed four times among Europe’s top 500 of fast growing entrepreneurial companies. www.bimkemi.com

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