2017 August මස 16 වැනිදා Wednesday

Schulthess Maschinen AG gets ready for the future by upgrading to IFS Applications 9

Leading Swiss manufacturer of high quality washing machines and dryers increases productivity with IFS Lobby

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Schulthess Maschinen AG, a leading manufacturer of washing machines and dryers from Switzerland, will upgrade its implementation of IFS Applications™ 7 to IFS Applications 9. Employees will be able to interact with information in the company’s ERP solution in a more engaging way, enabling them to be more productive with their time. The move also enforces the further digital transformation of Schulthess Maschinen AG.

IFS Applications 9 empowers Schulthess Maschinen AG to cover many of its new requirements without the need for significant customizations. A key feature of IFS Applications 9 is IFS Lobby, which is a personalized interface into the solution appropriate not only to the users’ level and role but also their personal preferences. The modern layered architecture of IFS Application 9 enables Schulthess Maschinen AG to perform updates easily and quickly so that the company can continue to operate on the latest version of the software.

Having used IFS Applications for over a decade, the upgrade to IFS Applications 9 will continue to support business critical processes like: finance, sales and support, engineering, production, logistics, service management and maintenance. In addition, Schulthess Maschinen AG will now also utilize IFS Warehouse Data Collection, a mobile solution for automation of inventory management.

In a preliminary project, IFS and Schulthess Maschinen AG analyzed the company’s individual customizations of IFS Applications 7 to define which need to be lifted, which are covered by the standard deployment of IFS Applications 9, as well as which were obsolete. This way, the number of customizations Schulthess Maschinen AG will migrate to IFS Applications 9 will be reduced by around half.

“We are glad to continue our longstanding and trusted partnership with IFS”, Schulthess Machinen AG CFO, Martin Keller, said. “Upgrading to IFS Applications 9 is a big and important technological step for the digital future of our company. The layered architecture of IFS enables us to run our solution in an ‘evergreen’ mode so that it is continuously up-to-date.”

“We’re honored by the continued trust of Schulthess Maschinen AG in IFS”, Guido Zumstein, Managing Director of IFS in Switzerland, added. “It’s not only testament to our future-proof technology but it also confirms our approach to accompany customers as a longstanding partner supporting their successful corporate development with our comprehensive industry expertise.”

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