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IFS customer Nowy Styl Group named 2017 Computerworld IT Leader

One of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Europe awarded for successful processes integration using IFS Applications

IFS, a global provider of enterprise software, announces that Nowy Styl Group has won the title of 2017 IT Leader in the "Manufacturing Industry" category by Computerworld in Poland. The company received this award for the  development of a process, commercial and operational data  integration platform using  IFS Applications™, which has enabled Nowy Styl Group to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

The IT Leader competition, organized by Computerworld magazine, promotes business and institutions that use ICT in an innovative and effective way. In this year's 21st edition of the competition, the jury chose finalists in six industry categories. The results were announced at an official gala held on September 21 in Warsaw.

Nowy Styl Group was named the IT Leader 2017 in the “Manufacturing Industry" category thanks to digitization projects of commercial, operational and logistic processes. The Jury recognized primarily the author's 3S sales support platform, which was possible to develop thanks to the efficient use of IFS Applications. The implementation of the solution has improved the offer preparation process, price and data management.  The awarded projects also included the integration of shipping processes on the French market. IFS Applications was used to create a dedicated message exchange with the carrier of the data bus. As a result, the efficiency of forwarding and delivery of products to the French market was maintained despite removing the company's warehouse in France.

Nowy Styl Group has been using IFS Applications for more than a decade, extending the solution to different functional areas in line with growing business needs. IFS Applications supports 2,500 employees across Nowy Styl Group subsidiaries in Poland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

"Being named as the 2017 Computerworld IT Leader in the manufacturing industry is a great honor for us. We are delighted that all the hard work across the Nowy Styl Group has been recognized by the jury,"said Rafał Chwast, Vice President of Nowy Styl Group. "The business integration on IFS Applications has improved the key processes and increased efficiency throughout our group."

Marcin Taranek, IFS CEE President, added: "We congratulate Nowy Styl Group on receiving the 2017 Computerworld IT Leader Award. Nowy Styl Group is a strategic customer for IFS in Poland in the manufacturing industry and we are proud that our solution continues to support their growth on a global scale".

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About Nowy Styl Group

Nowy Styl Group is the European leader in furniture solutions for office space and public spaces. Thanks to a flexible approach to customer needs, innovation and open-minded organizational culture, Nowy Styl Group has achieved the position of one of the largest and most dynamically growing companies in the industry in Europe, with annual sales of more than € 300 million. The company has its own international distribution network, covering local sales structures in 17 countries on all major European and Middle Eastern markets. The company has a dozen manufacturing facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, located in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey. More information: www.nowystylgroup.com

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