2017 December මස 08 වැනිදා Friday

Digital Shift is Taking Place Right Here Right Now

IFS Sri Lanka hosted over 225 of key business executives and partners at a knowledge sharing session followed by cocktails at the Galle Face Hotel, Colombo on the 8th of November, 2017.

The event was hosted under the theme ‘Digital Shift is Taking Place Right Here Right Now’ with the objective of bringing together customers, partners, and prospects with IFS’s senior management to educate them about the opportunity presented by the digital shift that is currently taking place on a regional and global scale.

Mr. Alastair Sorbie , CEO of IFS, took the opportunity of educating customers about IFS global operations update while Mr. Jayantha de Silva, President IFS Sri Lanka and Vice President IFS South Asia, provided the attendees with a review of the 20 year journey of IFS in Sri Lanka. Alastair and Jayantha both highlighted the growth of the company, which stated with just20 employees 20 years ago, to now over 1,000. During this time, IFS is proud to have implemented IFS Applications at over 120 leading companies in the region, many of whom were present at the gathering.

The keynote address was made by Mr.Antony Bourne, Vice President Global Industry Solutions at IFS, who presented about the Digital Shift that is currently taking place in the world as well as in the South Asia region. He spoke about the top 5 factors for Digital Transformation, and specifically highlighted case studies of how companies had transformed their business using Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 3D printing, Robotics, Augmented Reality and Drone technology.

Jayantha de Silva commented ‘ in my opinion, companies today are more risk adverse and unwilling to change. This hinders the ability of organisations transforming their businesses in line with this digital shift that’s taking place. Companies should embrace change and view it as an opportunity for competitive advantage if they want to stay relevant in this digital age’

The event created a platform for IFS to further strengthen the relationships with existing and potential clients as well as partners. Attendees provided feedback that they were pleased to have had the opportunity to meet and network with senior management from IFS as well as peers in the industry. .

About IFS

 IFS™ is a globally recognised leader in developing and delivering enterprise software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Founded in 1983, IFS brings customers in targeted sectors closer to their business, helps them be more agile and prepare for what's next in their industry. IFS’s 3,500 employees support more than 1 million users worldwide from its network of local offices and through a growing ecosystem of partners.


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