We support financial institutions and the public sector, for over 10 years, with implementing the necessary and desired changes in processes and IT landscape.We implemented complex Risk and Control Frameworks at more than 40 companies. We implement proven results for our clients, based on our own software products and the software products of our partner, IFS Visionwaves. Yellowtail offers a unique combination of knowledge, implementation expertise and software development.

Key Control Dashboards

Our In-control Dashboards bundle and provide access to the required management information. What is more, they’re easy, transparent, visually appealing and tailored to your role within the organisation.

Yellowtail to offer implementation services and tailored dashboards to support IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) customers in Europe and Africa

Yellowtail, with offices in Hilversum, the Netherlands, and Johannesburg, South Africa, will offer IFS customers implementation services related to the IFS EOI solution. The company will also offer tailored EOI dashboards that help businesses remain in control. Yellowtails solutions are already deployed at several financial institutions and many municipalities in the region.

The partnership will offer IFS a greater commercial reach and additional implementation resources to support its growth.

"The IFS EOI solution offers us superior functionality and all the required flexibility to create in-control dashboards for our clients," Yellowtail Partner Robert Harreman said. "Many of the larger governmental institutions, municipalities and financial service providers are struggling with implementing new legislation, while at the same time remaining in control over their organizations and processes. IFS EOI, coupled with our dashboarding solutions, provide a hands-on mechanism for all management layers in a complex organization structure to do exactly that."

IFS EOI Strategy and Sales Director Peter Scheltus added, "We are pleased to be working with Yellowtail, whose presence throughout Europe and Africa will help us deliver extended local support to our customers. In addition, a large part of the potential market for our IFS EOI solution lies in financial services and governments, for which IFS has a very powerful offering and where Yellowtail boasts great expertise."


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