Cognor Relies on IFS Applications for Metals Industry ERP

IFS Applications has improved the management of all the core business areas of the Cognor Group, including finance, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance
management, human resources and payroll. IFS Financial provided automatic registration of most business events, multi-dimensional accounts plan analysis, as well as cost settlement. This solution ensured data integrity, standardization of dimensions and accounting processes as well as support for financial data consolidation. IFS Distributio made it possible for Cognor to unify and integrate processes handled by several entities in the group, which in turn facilitated process analysis by management. It has also brought increased security to the company’s trading operations. The implementation of IFS Manufacturing provided full support for the steelworks, rolling mill and foundry departments, taking into account the specificity of the products and the needs for material requirements planning and deviation analysis. It has also provided improved cost calculation and tracking, and supported the quality management process. IFS Maintenance has made it possible to manage repair and investment orders and to report equipment downtime and failure. This allows a more efficient management of infrastructure and facilitates recording and settlement of costs. In addition to the basic HR support, the HR and payroll solution has enabled the use of various pay systems in the companies as well as the integration of time reporting with time reporting equipment.

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