IFS Demand Planning

IFS Demand Planning software reduces the complexity of forecasting through one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use graphical demand planning tools on the market today. Its highly interactive forecasting environment allows you to quickly create and adjust demand forecasts for input into other key enterprise activities such as sales planning, inventory control and production. IFS Demand Planning allows you to plan using visual graphs of forecasts, rather than spending all your time in the abstract world of statistics and formulas.

With this highly interactive tool, you can quickly fine-tune forecasts by directly manipulating the forecast graphic. The system automatically calculates and immediately displays the corresponding values in formula and statistic fields. And because the user interface of IFS Demand Planning has a lot of built-in flexibility, you can view exactly the data fields and graphical components you want to see, no more, no less.

For more information about what demand planning is, view our executive summary on IFS Demand Planning.

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