Dynamic Scheduling: The Missing Link to Mastering Field Mobility?

When a home refrigerator shuts down for some reason, owners immediately go into crisis mode. Depending on how long the fridge maybe out of service, food must be shunted into the neighbor's freezer, coolers, or even packed in snow outside if it happens to be winter. When a refrigeration unit at a grocery store shuts down, the store manager moves into crisis mode, too, only in that case there's much more on the line than few containers of soupy ice cream and some spoiled hot dogs. This is where Source  Refrigeration & HVAC comes in.

Source Refrigeration & HVAC designs, installs, maintains, and optimizes mission-critical refrigeration and HVAC systems for grocery stores and other commercial and industrial businesses.  After carefully researching several Mobile Workforce Management systems, Source Refrigeration & HVAC chose IFS. After implementing IFS MObile Workforce Management, technician travel times reduced by 35% and  the rate of technician to dispatcher nearly  tripled. See how IFS Mobile Workforce Management helped Source Refrigeration & HVAC keep things cool.

To learn more, read this executive summary.

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