PGNiG Termika customer story

With the upgrade to IFS Applications 8, PGNiG Termika was able to use new, innovative functions such as budgeting and forecasting in the project management module. Extended invoice accounting mechanisms significantly speeded up one of the most important accounting processes, which—in connection with electronic invoicing — provides a powerful tool that supports the efficiency of business.

“Implementing IFS Applications 8 allowed us to optimize our own processes in terms of new business requirements and the organization of the company. The new solutions that we find particularly important are the ones in the area of asset management. They allow us to conduct an effective maintenance policy for manufacturing units,” said Dariusz Gawryś,  Support Department Director at PGNiG Termika. “From the point of view of IT, it is now easier to manage the solution environment, the system works efficiently, and the interface allows each employee to configure their own screen according to individual preferences.”

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