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Great business insight has minimal impact if you don’t have the flexibility to make changes quickly. But to gain true business agility you need more than flexibility alone. To capitalize on opportunities in full you also need the knowledge and vision to understand how to maximize success.

Flexibility: take the right action, rapidly

To stay ahead of the competition, knowledge and insight are essential but you also need the business agility to change the focus of your business when new opportunities come along. The ability to take rapid action when the unexpected happens requires software that makes change possible, quickly.

Balancing inventory across multiple sites and divisions, finding a new component supplier, or re-routing a service engineer. Expanding operations into a new market, acquiring a supplier, or changing a major product line. Business challenges big and small all require enterprise software that makes change possible without pause or disruption.

We believe that flexibility, vision and knowledge are the foundations of business agility. We’ll be exploring how you can achieve all three on these pages.

IFS for Agile Business

IFS’s ERP, EAM and ESM solutions are designed to be flexible software solutions from the ground up. Easy to implement, extend and adapt, they respond quickly to an organization’s changing needs.

How IFS delivers agility

Flexibility in 60 seconds

Flexibility: The ability to take rapid action when the unexpected happens, changing shape or focus to adapt to new market opportunities. Discover the key challenges for enterprise software investments in this sixty second video.

IFS Business Agility: Flexibility in 60 seconds

Flexibility in Depth

Most companies recognize that being able to respond quickly and appropriately to change is vital to their success, but even more struggle to achieve the flexibility they need.

Whether dealing with new industry regulation or legislation, sudden changes in commodity prices, or even large one-off customer requests, you need core enterprise software that makes change possible.

What are the key considerations for improving your operational flexibility?

Responding to new, changing or variable customer demands

Changes in customer expectations mean more complexity and diversity than ever. This leads to more highly engineered customized products, on top of make-to-stock and other to-order business models and manufacturing modes like configure-to-order. Businesses need to cater to all of these freely and thoroughly in real time.

So, mixed-mode manufacturing has become the norm. But few businesses have enterprise software flexible enough to manage changing modes, or mixing modes as quickly as they need.

Deploying and managing your assets and staff effectively

Businesses must provide excellent customer service and produce world-class products, while constantly improving efficiency and reducing costs. There is then a delicate balance between running lean, with very few supply chain, personnel, or capital asset resources, and maintaining the capacity to absorb change.

Which means you need to be able to redeploy your resources quickly, in order to manage fluctuations in demand, re-allocate inventory across various products, and manage stock and staff across multiple locations and divisions.

Adding new capabilities when you need them

If your organization is growing, you will probably need to manage new lines of business, countries or regions, along with associated tax schemas, regulations, languages, units of measure, distribution models, and local business practices.  If adding or extending your business’s capabilities is a laborious process that disrupts operations, it’s likely that the cost will outweigh any benefits.

Modular enterprise software, constructed of discrete components designed to work together, is a requirement for flexibility. Many vendors want to sell and install as much software functionality up front as possible. It is far less disruptive to buy and implement incrementally, adding functionality as needed and realizing a number of smaller go-lives with associated returns on investment.

Tailoring your business tools and processes

Being able to tailor which data is presented to users, and how it is presented, matters. It affects everything from staff productivity to internal data quality, and even profit and revenue growth. Two essential aspects of enterprise software customization may often be overlooked: changing your processes, and changing your interfaces.

You should be able to implement the right modules for your business processes, however they change. You need to know that they will work seamlessly with your existing system. Not all enterprise software is designed this way, which could mean changing from a systems integration process to change point-to-point integrations, impeding your flexibility.

The interfaces need to be consistent, usable, and easy to customize so your daily working environment fits your employees’ need. To maximize end-user productivity, that flexibility needs to be available to for mobile devices too.

Make change happen fast

Improving your operational flexibility is vital for true business agility. It means you can take the right action faster to grasp new opportunities or to reduce the impact of unexpected events. Become a truly flexible business.

Becoming a truly flexible business

In a volatile business landscape, how can your company ensure that your technology investments support your needs today, as well as in an unknown tomorrow?


How IFS helps build flexible businesses

Modular from the ground up, IFS Applications is designed to make it easy to add new capabilities quickly. So you can make changes to keep up with customer demands and ahead of the market.


Business Agility Software

Business Agility - IFS Applications

Great business insight has minimal impact if you don’t have the flexibility to make changes quickly. But to gain true business agility you need more than flexibility alone. To capitalize on opportunities in full you also need the knowledge and vision to understand how to maximize success.

Software and the future of business agility

Discover how flexible enterprise software can give you true business agility and let you thrive now and in the future.

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The most successful companies are business agility experts. How can your business achieve agility?