Aerospace and Defense Industry Expertise

IFS has extensive knowledge of the aviation and defense industry. Independently recognized as a leading, global supplier of enterprise software, we provide solutions for:
  • Commercial aviation
  • Defense
  • Fleet and asset management
  • Services and performance-based logistics
  • Military logistics
  • Aviation and defense manufacturing
Our aviation and defense industry experts are committed to ensuring the future success of our customers by providing best-in-class solutions and industry expertise to prepare them for what’s next.

A leader in aerospace and defense


IFS Applications for Aviation & Defense

IFS Applications for Aviation and Defense delivers Optimized Assets and MRO, Increased Operational Availability, Increased Support to Business and Operational change, Increased Support to Collaborative Solution Efficiency and Effective Enterprise Corporate Performance Management.

Hoe ERP u helpt te voldoen aan kwaliteitsnormen en wet- & regelgeving

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Fabrikanten staan onder constante druk van overheden en klanten om zich te certificeren voor bepaalde normen of regelgeving ... 

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