IFS Applications Architecture & Technology

IFS Applications is made up of components, each of which provides business functionality and integrate with the other installed components. This allows change and evolution within a component without affecting other components. With a proven track record of building for change, IFS provides step-by-step, non-disruptive introduction of new technologies into operational systems. This ensures that a company’s business will always benefit from the latest advancements. IFS’ openness and commitment to standards protects investments from vendor lock-in.

IFS Applications supports Microsoft®, Oracle®, and IBM® technologies alongside Linux, JBoss™ and other open source technologies to enable companies to use market competition to their best advantage. IFS Service-Oriented Component Architecture™ combines the agility and ease of use of service-oriented architectures (SOA) and the proven benefits of components and object orientation (OO) to create a powerful architecture. Integration with other applications is supported through XML, web services, Java and .NET technologies. IFS Enterprise Explorer, web and portal user interfaces are designed to be attractive, intuitive, efficient, and to suit the particular tasks that users have at hand. Because business applications are mission-critical to the companies that use them, IFS pays special attention to product qualities such as security, scalability, and availability. Security is designed into IFS Applications, and the more secure configuration options are default. All server-side tiers, including database and application servers, can be clustered for maximum availability.

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