Warranty & Contract Management Solutions

Organizations lose thousands of dollars in revenue leakage every year due to warranty claims processing issues.

What is needed is a closed-loop claims management process, which administers, processes and tracks all warranties throughout their lifecycle to improve customer satisfaction, increase product quality and reduce service costs.

This is precisely what our warranty & asset management solutions does. Through the automation of warranty claim handling and installed base asset tracking, our warranty management solution, IFS Field Service Management, enables service organizations to create, administer, process and track warranties, claims and assets through their full lifecycles. As a result, third parties can submit valid claims and receive credits, customer service can verify coverage and initiate recovery, and field technicians can track asset history and replace in-warranty parts. The warranty and asset management functionality in IFS Field Service Management really does it all.

  • Support for multiple warranty types including OEM, product and third party
  • User-defined business rules to automate charge-back procedures
  • Query according to customer, serial number, date, type, product and region
  • Track service calls under warranty, total warranty cost, and in-warranty product returns
  • Track asset history, revisions, readings, location, PM’s and configuration

  • Increase revenues with extended warranty and asset-based contracts
  • Improve service billing accuracy and customer intelligence
  • Reduce warranty claim cycle time, inaccuracies and processing errors
  • Correctly allocate costs for servicing products and assets under warranty
  • Reduce claims errors
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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