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Businesses managing customer contracts and service agreements are losing millions of dollars each year through revenue leakage, due to the use of paper documents, unstructured files (Excel, Word), and stand-alone systems (Access, home-grown).

The contract lifecycle management functionality in IFS Field Service Management software enables you to create, execute, revise, monitor and administer service contracts – from initial quoting and pricing, to automatic renewal and billing. IFS has over 25 years of experience in contract lifecycle management, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers around the world using this contract management software today.

  • Enforce response times, coverage schedules, callbacks, assignment, PM’s and escalation rules
  • Modify pricing with contract-specific adjustments or overrides
  • Establish invoicing rules for advance, arrears, full or partial period billings
  • Establish technician scheduling and compensation plans
  • Improve contract visibility and concession tracking
  • Manage warranty details and identify potential revenue sources
  • Create contracts to meet customer or market specific requirements
  • Manage contract line items at the customer, site, product or asset level
  • Prorate line item additions, changes or cancellations

  • Stop giving away free service
  • Generate more revenue
  • Increased technician satisfaction
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved contract lifecycle management productivity and performance

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