22. June 2017

Internasjonal sportsforhandler Stadium oppgraderer til IFS Applications 9 for å støtte økende vekst


IFS Applications 9 støtter 1,200 brukere på tvers av tre land

IFS, kunngjør at raskt voksende sportsforhandler Stadium har valgt å oppgradere til IFS Applications™ 9 og utvide løsningen med funksjonalitet for e-faktura. 

Stadium is a growing sports retail chain in Northern Europe with more than 160 stores located in Sweden, Germany, and Finland, in addition to growing e-commerce sales. Stadium has been using IFS Applications since 2000 and is running a modern retail and supply chain solution along with complete and fully integrated functionality for financials, purchasing, and sales. The company has been growing rapidly and recently entered the German market with three new stores. To support its ambitious growth strategy, Stadium has decided to upgrade to IFS Applications 9.

Stadium will be leveraging some of the new features of IFS Applications 9, including the layered application architecture and the role-based IFS Lobby interface. The layered application architecture enables Stadium to adapt IFS Applications code significantly quicker, based on changing needs in the market. It will also make future upgrades easier and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

In addition to the upgrade, Stadium will also deploy new e-invoicing capabilities for approximately 500 users managing over 500,000 external and internal invoices on an annual basis.

“By upgrading to IFS Applications 9, we will have a more flexible solution in place to support our international growth and increasing online sales,” Stefan Maxeby, IT Director at Stadium said. “By using the new IFS Lobby and the layered application architecture, we will enable our staff to work more effectively and make future customizations and upgrades more time- and cost-effective. IFS’s solution also shows strong support for personalization of customer offers and omnichannel, which are two key areas for us. We look forward to a rapid and efficient implementation project and to continuing to grow the business with the support of a robust ERP solution.”

Glenn Arnesen, CEO of IFS in Scandinavia, said, “I am pleased to continue our long-standing partnership with Stadium, a highly respected brand in Northern Europe. IFS’s flexible architecture and robust industry functionality keep attracting growing retail companies. We look forward to working with Stadium as we continue to focus on developing IFS’s offering for the retail sector.”

For more information about how IFS supports retail companies, visit www.ifsworld.com/corp/industries/retail/.

Om Stadium

Stadium er Sveriges største forhandler innenfor sport med omtrent 160 butikker i Sverige, Tyskland og Finland. www.stadium.se



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