Sritech Software

Sritech Software is a custom software development company that creates software programs, website programs, e-commerce software, and Windows desktop programming using the absolute latest Microsoft technologies. With our expertise, we can offer affordable software to solve your problems and organize your information.

With more than 10 years’ experience in software development, our team of developers bring genuine business and programming experience to the IT industry.

Team members of Sritech Software are well experienced in IFS development tools such as IFS Developer studio, IFS Report Designer, and IFS APF development tool.

The developers and their experience is the most important proposition of Sritech Software to IFS implementations, customizations, and various report requirements.

Sritech Software provides development services at fixed cost and support free until go live, which helps IFS implementations with customizations to be completed in high quality.


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  • South Africa


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  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • IFS Applications