IT Strategy & Business Consulting:

  • Analysis, definition and planning of the digital strategy.
  • Design of the digitalization roadmap.
  • Situation diagnoses in relation to ICT and strategic plans for information and communication systems.
  • IT Governance, structuring of the IT function, services and relationship model.
  • Assessment and selection of information systems solutions.
  • Technical Office for the management of programs and projects.

Implementation & Integration Services: We are systems integrators, offering in project mode and / or in service mode the complete life cycle of information systems, covering: the taking of requirements, analysis and design, different development modalities, the establishment of testing processes, the implementation itself and its subsequent maintenance and evolution. All this while always keeping in mind the objective of achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

Enterprise and Solution Architects: We provide an integral response to needs related to infrastructure management or user support with 360º approaches, providing solutions, carrying out migration projects and / or providing managed services, always focused on overcoming the highest levels of demand at the lowest possible cost. Based on the needs of our customers, our technology and services align your IT to your business objectives, acting at different levels of the value chain of IT services.

DevOps: The continuous improvement, as a principle of DevOps, forces us to improve ourselves day by day, optimizing our processes, equipment and products. Although it is sometimes easy to identify points of improvement, it is not so easy to find the best possible solution, so this is where innovation comes into play. Speaking from a purely technical point of view, as well as a good analysis of the situation and possible solutions, it is important that the teams have the freedom to test, make mistakes and learn from them; This is mainly innovation, so we will treat this process as a definition / test / error / success / learning process, a cycle with as many iterations as necessary.

Type of Partner:

  • Referral


  • Spain


  • Asset Intensive
  • Construction and Contracting
  • Energy and Utilities