Porta KMI streamlines its value chain with IFS for ERP

Porta KMI Poland is a leading manufacturer of door leafs and door frames in Poland. In its six factories, including one abroad, in Romania, over 1 million units are made annually in very short customized series. The specific feature of Porta’s plants is mass customization, i.e. delivery of a high number of production orders for very short series of products with varied configuration. Moreover, Porta has several manufacturing plants in various locations, with different configuration methods. As a result, a very high number of transactions are related to order delivery. In 2007, Porta decided to implement modern ERP software. One of its major goals was to streamline the operations of its Romanian subsidiary. The new system was expected to enhance information flows and allow faster managerial decision-making. Eight ERP solution providers responded to Porta’s request for proposals. After negotiations and reference visits, IFS was deemed to have presented the best offering. Today, Porta realizes a number of benefits, ranging from an automated order lifecycle management process to a palletization process.

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