Stolle Machinery Unites Divisions, Collaborates with Customers

In January 2004, when aluminum giant Alcoa divested from Centennial, Colorado-based Stolle Machinery, Stolle’s management had to make some fast decisions about its enterprise application platform. Stolle Machinery designs, manufactures, and distributes equipment for the metal container industry. This equipment is used by packaging giants like Rexam and Ball, and these Stolle customers supply beverage companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi as well as companies that can supply major food products, including SPAM®.

Prior to the divestiture, Stolle was preparing to implement business applications from Oracle. Stolle Machinery designs, engineers, and assembles complex production machinery. Benefits from IFS Applications for industrial manufacturing ERP include an integrated solution to unite multiple divisions, an economical step-by-step implementation and real-time communication with customers through the use of web portals.

To learn more, read this executive summary.

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