Master your operation with ERP that is designed from the ground up for power generation

Most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software originated in the automotive industry. It started off as materials resource planning (MRP), and focused largely on inventory management. But as a power generation executive, you are not managing inventory as much as you are managing the capacity of a fixed asset over its lifecycle. That is why you need IFS Applications ERP software which, from the start, was designed for the needs of the power generation industry. ERP driven by asset management rather than inventory management. IFS Applications originated as an enterprise asset management (EAM) suite for the nuclear power industry and then evolved into the full ERP solution that it is today. Because of its different evolutionary track, only IFS Applications is designed to truly manage and maximize value over power generation asset lifecycles. IFS Applications allows you to organize your operation around the assets and individual asset objects you use to create value for stakeholders, customers and your community.

From new asset planning to construction to operation to decommissioning and replacement, you are judged on how much productivity you can get out of power generation assets over the entire asset lifecycle. Your profitability is directly related to plant availability. IFS Applications helps you maximize availability by creating planning, management, operations and maintenance strategies that significantly lower total asset lifecycle cost, reduce asset downtime, facilitate preventive maintenance, and improve asset lifecycle productivity. IFS’ corporate performance management tools let you analyze operation disruptions and determine and address the causes, such as maintenance issues, inadequate training, or design faults. Improvement groups representing all parts of the organization can use the results to find solutions. Once you’ve identified proposed improvements, IFS’ costing tools help you to determine which ones are most cost-effective. You can quickly and easily quantify the improvement potential in terms of return on assets (ROA) and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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