Uniweld Increases Inventory Turns, Streamlines Front Office Processes with IFS Applications

Uniweld Products, Inc. has been running IFS Applications since 2001. After its initial go-live, the company realized a number of benefits including reduced inventory and expedited order handling. Uniweld management has also become power users of IFS Document Management, using it to streamline communications across a number of corporate functions.  When the company came to IFS Applications, Uniweld was running its business on a burning platform. In more ways than one. “Burning platform” typically refers to an enterprise technology solution that is nearing the end of its lifecycle. But in Uniweld’s case, the term has a secondary meaning.

“We are a manufacturing facility, and didn’t concern ourselves too much with being on the latest technology." Network Adminstrator Chuck Witt said. "We might have stayed in that state for quite some time if it were not for the fire.” “On a Saturday in September of 1999, 10,000 disposable cylinders of MAPP welding gas caught fire,” Uniweld Manager of Administration Debbie Felipe said. “The fire department couldn’t get close until 9 a.m. the next morning.” Fortunately, much of the manufacturing facility and some finished goods were spared. “We lost our computer system,” Witt said. “And the backup tapes stored in a desk in the offices were also lost. When we came to work Monday morning, we had no computer system, no data, no nothing. So we started looking for software. It took a long time, but we found that IFS Applications met our needs, and the people from IFS were the best to work with.” After an eight-month implementation, Uniweld was up and running with IFS Applications and began rebuilding sales history and other data.  Read the entire case study to learn more about how IFS helped Uniweld streamline operations.

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