NFM Production customer story

NFM Production implemented IFS Applications went in January 2015. The system supports all key areas of the company’s operation: production, material handling, research and development, sales and marketing, as well as finances, HR and payroll. The company uses more than 160 system licenses, some of which are used for reporting from manufacturing and warehouse operations.

The implementation of IFS Applications allowed NFM Production to better manage its product development. Earlier, this was based on paper documentation, and accessing or sharing information was not easy. “Now, we are able to monitor the whole development cycle of a given product—from its R&D project to production. It is easy to access the source of information and check a product’s line of evolution in time. IFS Applications provides full transparency of our manufacturing process, as well as 100% tracing of a product’s history,” Małgorzata Dombrowska, CEO of NFM Production says.

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