Hercules Sealing Products

Rapid order-to-delivery is what Hercules Sealing Products is all about. A call to Hercules often means that the customer’s high-dollar, revenue-generating equipment is down, and every day the customer waits for parts is a day’s worth of lost revenue. That’s why Hercules strives to, and has built its reputation on, next-day delivery for most orders. Hercules’ systems could not supply the real-time information the company needed to maintain just-in-time inventory for customers.

Its systems also could not handle multiple currencies—a big stumbling block for a company that has branches in Canada and does business internationally. The search for a new system began with 18 software vendors, which Hercules’ software evaluation team whittled down to four. Their final choice was IFS Applications. Using IFS Applications, the inventory turnover ratio was completely turned around, doing business globally was made easier with IFS's multi-currency capabilities and IFS's forecasting systems made for a more efficient and agile Hercules. See how IFS Applications streamlined make-to-stock, configure-to-order and other value streams for Hercules!

To learn more, read this customer story.

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