Increase Rig Uptime with IFS Operational Planning Board

Operators of oil and gas drilling rigs expect these high-value assets to run almost continuously. Regular maintenance of rig equipment is conducted to ensure smooth running and to meet regulatory requirements. It is highly desirable that such maintenance be conducted on a preventive basis rather than a corrective one, and with optimum levels of ‘wrench time’ and efficiency.

IFS Operational Planning Board (IFS OPB™) streamlines the maintenance process by analyzing drill plans, regulatory requirements, and the availability of staff, equipment, and material to enhance uptime and wrench time.

IFS OPB provides the following and more:

  • Identifies potentially critical situations requiring action
  • Enables planners to produce work orders that can be immediately executed
  • Visualizes planned downtime together with planned maintenance
  • Sourcing of staff, materials and equipment needed for specialized maintenance activities ahead of time

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