Spang chooses ClickLearn in its role as North American early adopter of IFS Applications™

Spang has been using IFS Applications since 2002. In 2015, the company decided to upgrade from IFS Applications 7.5 and  participate in the IFS Early Adopter Program for IFS Applications 9. Spang, the only early adopter in North America, went live on  IFS Applications 9 prior to IFS World Conference 2015, in Boston. Spang currently has approximately 285 IFS licenses. 


  • Enables IFS super users  to create work instructions rather than rely on IT to do it
  • Automated creation and updating of work instructions save staff time and improve quality
  • Makes possible effective knowledge transfer of  valuable “how to” in  IFS Applications
  • Facilitates adoption of new IFS technology more easily and quickly
  • Accelerates user buy-in for process changes

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