Spang, North American early adopter of IFS Applications, has chosen ClickLearn

Having seen a demo in 2015, Spang bought ClickLearn and uses it in its IFS Applications upgrade project. Moving to IFS Applications 9 was a major step for Spang and it saw the opportunity in ClickLearn to bring the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system much closer to users than it had been before.

Benefits include:

  • Enables IFS super users to create work instructions rather than rely on IT to do it
  • Automated creation and updating of work instructions save staff time and improve quality
  • Makes possible effective knowledge transfer of valuable “how to” in IFS
  • Facilitates adoption of new IFS technology more easily and quickly
  • Accelerates user buy-in for process changes

Download the customer story to learn more.

File Information: Case Study,   pdf   0.2 MB