Milena Roveda

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As CFO, Milena is responsible for aligning IFS’s financial and administrative functions to support the company’s growth as well as identifying the most strategically suitable resource allocation and investments to achieve the company’s value creation objectives.

This includes effectively supporting the commercial and development areas of the organization and providing them with transparency and the necessary tools to achieve their goals as well as mastering operational KPIs to ensure that every department, and the company as a whole, understands what drives performance.

Milena brings more than 25 years of international experience leading teams in developing and expanding mid-size and large enterprises. She also has extensive know-how in designing and implementing business strategies and investment plans, restructuring and optimizing business processes, implementing mechanisms to increase efficiency and reduce costs in addition to cooperating with banks, shareholders and public institutions. Most recently, Milena served as managing director of the South American subsidiary of Swiss-German paints and lacquers manufacturer Berlac Group. At the beginning of her career, Milena spent nine years at the German pharmaceutical and life sciences company Bayer AG. 

Milena is based in Munich, Germany. Outside of work, Milena enjoys golf and spending time volunteering for charitable causes

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