Transmission & Distribution

IFS offers enterprise software, integrating project and asset management, service management – including customer engagement tools - with core ERP functionality to the power transmission and distribution industry.

IFS is independently recognized as a leading, global supplier of on-premise or cloud-enabled ERP and EAM software, with customers across Power Grid Transmission, Network Distribution and Field Service and Smart Meter Services.

New challengers are entering the energy market, coupled with disruptive technology and changing consumer demands. Our focus on project, asset and service focused organizations means IFS is the best placed software vendor to support your business turn challenges into opportunities. 

Opis wdrożenia: Statnett

Firma Statnett jest właścicielem głównych segmentów norweskiej sieci przesyłu energii elektrycznej. Dowiedz się, w jaki sposób firma Statnett wykorzystuje system IFS Applications.

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