Global Business Management Software from IFS

Global Business Management Software from IFS

Today, even middle market companies have operations that span the globe. And most enterprise software products – including IFS Applications – support multiple languages, currencies and units of measure. IFS Applications also offers often-overlooked functionality for easy set-up of new business units or divisions in the system and then managing processes across these divisions. Our global business management software provide support for core processes like HR, financials, inventory and projects across geographies and business divisions or subsidiaries. Because today, staff may be employed by one company, reporting to a manager employed in another and logging project time against a third.

IFS also offers deep support for multiple manufacturing modes and business processes that allow divisions  to share the same enterprise solution, along with support for tax schema of vital emerging economies like Brazil. Plus a strong global services organization with deep experience in managing global implementations.

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Software Selection for Enterprise Resource Planning

In today’s dynamic and constantly morphing business competition, companies need to understand that change is the most pervasive and critical element of the commercial landscape. It’s an ongoing challenge that must be met with agility if a business is to “keep its feet” and stay on course while the world shifts in often unexpected ways.


W jaki sposób uzyskać globalne rozwiązanie ERP

White paper podkreśla, jak ważne jest globalne rozwiązanie ERP - umożliwiające obsługę procesów I wykonywanie transakcji z wykorzystaniem scentralizowanego systemu informatycznego z jedną bazą danych. Globalny system ERP jest najlepszym rozwiązaniem zapewniającym globalną przejrzystość, kontrolę oraz elastyczność firmy.

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