Dynamic Scheduling Software for Mobile Workforces

IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization delivers dynamic scheduling for the service industry that can be optimized by a number of criteria in order to increase profit, reduce cost and ensure service level agreement (SLA) compliance. Success stories with include 15 percent reductions in travel and overtime costs, 40 percent improvement in technician productivity, and more than 20 percent improvements in SLA compliance and on-time delivery.

At the heart of IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization lies the Dynamic Scheduling Engine (DSE). It automates scheduling decisions based on configurable and reconfigurable business requirements. It also offers “what-if” analyses of how business, volume and staffing changes would affect the ability to deliver on customer requirements and more. The DSE can drive scheduling decisions in IFS Applications, IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization and may also be licensed separately, offering integration with other service management software.

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