IFS Consultants

IFS offers a number of consulting services to our customers, with professionals based on every continent. Our worldwide services staff includes project managers, solution architects, business consultants, systems and technical application consultants. We strive to provide consultants who fit your needs for industry and solution expertise as well as interpersonal chemistry. Please reach out to us to find out more about how our consulting staff can help you get the most out of your investment in software from IFS!

Project Managers

IFS project managers are responsible for ensuring an implementation or consulting agreement is completed in accordance with a contract with you, the customer. They also ensure that the right personnel with the right skills are included in the project team. During the project, the project manager makes sure that work is performed according to our methodology, is on schedule and on budget.

Solution Architects

Our solution architect draws up a customer solution based on the agreement between you as a customer and IFS. They are your first line of contact as you work through issues and choices during the design process of a test solution prior to startup. Their responsibility is also to communicate decisions you make about how you want your solution to operate to the consultants involved with your implementation.

Business Consultants

On implementation projects, business consultants focus on ensuring that agreed-upon processes can be executed successfully in the system. In an upgrade project, a business consultant will help you develop your solution by rolling out newly added features into your IFS software instance. The goal of an IFS Consultant is to maximize the benefits of your investment. They have deep understanding of specific business process flows and functions, and can analyze your specific needs and make recommendations for getting the most out of IFS functionality.

Application Consultants

An application consultant works under the direction of the solution architect with setting up the system. Application consultants are experts in their field and will assist you in the preparation of written procedures for system administration. They are also responsible for developing a plan for the conversion of data from your current system. Application consultants also train your key people and/or end users. They assist you with ongoing consultation when the need arises, and contribute experience by being a sounding board for possible changes in your procedures.

Technical Consultants

Our technical consultants will guide you regarding the infrastructure IFS software requires to function optimally, according to your needs. They also offer services to ensure that your backup copy can recover your environment if necessary, and perform "health checks" of the database, with proposals for additional work where necessary. The technical consultant also installs the delivery of programs and code that you receive from us.

Software Developers

Software developers often work with our other consultants to design adaptations to IFS software products. They have strong knowledge of how our system is structured and can therefore consult with you when it comes to assessing the complexity of a desired code modification. Software developers also help convert data from the old system to facilitate a data migration and create integrations between different systems. They write the code for any requested functionality that is not part of our standard version.

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