IFS EOI Tecnologia

Core to our adaptive IFS EOI platform is a robust and scalable architecture designed around a model-driven approach that spans people, processes and technology to provide a single version of the truth.

Unified by Design

The underlying architecture is unified by design. IFS is the only provider that has a fully integrated approach for connecting strategy to operations, connecting discipline to discipline, and providing an end-to-end view across the entire enterprise in a single platform. IFS EOI is able to do this as a result of our three engines that are able to tap into the existing IT applications and systems.

Presentation Layer

This is the topmost level of IFS EOI. Enterprise cockpits are the user interface. They consolidate all the business information for a specific role. Using web technology intelligence, the apps can be used on a desktop or tablets. Multiple browsers are supported.

Domain Layer

IFS EOI uses domain-driven design. It is an approach to developing software for complex needs by connecting the implementation to an evolving model. IFS EOI’s technology integrates multiple business and technical domains. For example, a business domain could be finance, risk or HR; and a technical domain could be the integration with a customer information system. This places the focus on a core domain and its logic. This also initiates a creative collaboration between technical and business experts to interactively refine the domain model that addresses particular domain problems.

Flawless Engines

Model Engine

This engine delivers the model-driven capabilities for the IFS EOI adaptive enterprise platform. It manages multiple integrated models, including a meta-model that specifies the information structures and relations. It defines different entities, objects and groups, as well as specifying their properties, attributes and relations.

Data Engine

At its core, the data engine manages an intelligent business operations model and the online analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities of the adaptive enterprise platform. The intelligent business operation model specifies structures such as dimensions, facts, calculations and indicators. Combining the capabilities of the model and data engines, users benefit from model-driven predictive analysis capabilities that combine data mining algorithmic models and forward looking what-if scenarios.

Execution Engine

The execution engine handles events, adding a real-time dimension to operational intelligence, rather than handling data only, which is processed in batches, daily, weekly or monthly. By combining the data and event worlds, the IFS EOI adaptive enterprise platform gives managers integrated, real-time operational awareness.

Runtime Compiler 

For the runtime compiler, IFS EOI incorporates compiler technology into the adaptive enterprise platform. This enables us to easily combine strategy to operations, end-to-end across all disciplines of an enterprise.


A maioria das empresas utiliza uma combinação complexa e sobreposta de aplicações empresariais, ferramentas de análise e elaboração de relatórios e métodos de colaboração. A tecnologia de inteligência operacional interliga esta combinação sobreposta em tempo real para apoiar decisões informadas.

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