More powerful than a mighty ship. But not as powerful as us.

Business Agility Starfish

IFS has the technology and skills to build-in business agility to your company. And everyone knows an agile business can cope with any eventuality. After all, who could’ve expected a galaxy of starfish could block an inlet valve, shutting down a container ship’s engines and preventing it from leaving port?

If this were to happen, IFS software could help you source a registered and documented employee to captain the tug-boat to move the ship, help you locate the nearest replacement parts and assist the driver to get them delivered to the dockside. It can even help you reschedule delivery rotas, warehouse space and personnel far away from the dockside, so what could’ve been a potentially awkward chain of events, can be stopped in its tracks.

It’s this kind of agility that’s second nature to IFS customers—and it’s thanks to our systems that we can help you build in this agility to your business too. So even the unexpected can’t stop you.

Discover more about how IFS can help you build true business agility into all of your software systems.

IFS is an enterprise software company dedicated to helping businesses become more agile.

Our software helps businesses reallocate resources, locate parts, brief engineers, connect suppliers, and do a million other things than make everyday business run smoothly.

We do this by enabling better organizational knowledge, providing the flexibility to allow businesses to quickly correct problems and take opportunities. Above all, we help companies become adaptable enough to support even the most ambitious, long-term strategic vision, in volatile, complex markets.

Why Does Agility Matter?

Agile business performance is more crucial than ever. But where does agility come from, and what should you be doing about it?