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The IFS Component MRO solution is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) offering that supports the repair or refurbishment of components or assemblies. If component maintenance is run as a separate line of business, services can be sold directly to customers. The solution can be used stand alone or in support of heavy maintenance and/or complex MRO, with repair work originating either as a  work order, shop order for use by maintenance contractors or by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

IFS Component MRO provides repair, overhaul or refurbishment of components or major assemblies is one of the types of MRO solutions that IFS support in addition to Complex Assembly MRO and Heavy Maintenance. IFS Applications offers capabilities for Component MRO functionality within the following areas.

Solutions Capabilities

Manage CRO Request

IFS Applications supports repair organizations by managing repair requests from customers in the form of a component repair order with associated accessory lists. Once approved, the system will generate a customer order.

Manage Part Receipts and Reservations

The component repair order solution has the ability to handle returns of customer owned parts. Either create the report receipt directly from the component repair order or a back to back purchase order to manage the arrival of the part. Once the part has arrived, IFS manages the QA process until the parts are ready to be moved into stock, at which point the inventory and component order are updated.

Define CRO Work Scope

As part of the definition of a component repair order, IFS Applications manages the inspection of parts reserved to the order and the selection of predefined services contracts. This will generate either a work scope or a task list that can be released to the repair organization in the form of repair disposition or work order.

Execute Work Scope

The execute component repair order work scope process in IFS Applications manages the full life-cycle of the work order from planning and preparing, execution through to sign off. It is possible to modify the scope of work during the execution process.

Manage Cost and Sales

Once the component repair order is complete IFS will handle all associated costs and sales that have been generated through work order transactions, taking into account any service contracts that are applicable to the repair order.

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