Heavy Maintenance Repair and Overhaul from IFS

Aerospace and Defense Heavy Equipment MRO

The IFS Heavy Maintenance solution covers major maintenance and overhaul activities on vehicles such as aircraft (fixed and rotary wing), vessels, submarines and complex land vehicles.

IFS Heavy Maintenance is a templated solution that supports the highest level of maintenance with capabilities of disassembling, inspecting, repairing, refurbishment, overhaul and restoration, all in a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) environment. Often the capabilities of the facility will include a repair station certificated under part 145 where off-wing repair and overhaul of individual components may also be performed. IFS Applications’ support for facilities and equipment management can help your organization maintain a controlled facility where the work is being performed to ensure compliance with maintenance authorities.

Solutions Capabilities

Prepare Maintenance Visit

Both service providers and operator need to agree on the contents of a maintenance visit including optimized packaging of visit planning and packaging and the inclusion of all maintenance and repair requirements. The work-scope order structure can be connected to a project structure allowing for project controls being used to maintain and contain the cost elements of the visit. The visit work-scope also provides transparency and control of the work in progress throughout the entire process. The Scope Maintenance function uses standard project management logic to group, arrange and sequence the contents of the maintenance visit to achieve optimum performance and execution.

Schedule Maintenance Visit

Scheduling allows managers/ team leaders to schedule the contents of the maintenance visit based on the current information available in terms of resources, facility capacity and material availability. The detail scheduling uses relationship, set during the planning phase to ensure that a visit can be efficiently executed. A GANTT structure view provides good visibility to work progress as well as support for recording work scope changes identified during visit execution. Material can be pegged and reserved throughout the process to ensure material requirements are in place when required. As progress is recorded against the various work-orders or work-order operations monitoring of status progress is displayed as bars within the GANTT view allowing managers to graphically monitor the real progress of work.

Execute Maintenance Visit

Within this process, work-orders are scheduled, resources assigned, task operations allocated, material reserved, picked and issued and task completed. As task operations are completed, additional non routine/emergent works discovered and either integrated into the existing scope to correct or deferred for inclusion in another work-package. Once the work has been completed status progress is updated and task operations closed or set ready for inspection.

Close Maintenance Visit

This is the process whereby task codes and task cards are validated to ensure that all aspects of the maintenance visit are successfully closed off.

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