IFS Applications offers an agile Service Oriented Architecture and Technology Stack for Future Proof Business

Architecture and technology

IFS is not a technology company. We are an enterprise software company that uses non-proprietary technology and a component-based service oriented architecture (SOA) built on open standards to deliver truly flexible, agile solutions with a great user experience to customers.

Implementing an enterprise solution like enterprise resource planning (ERP) can be akin to dipping your business in concrete. You are frozen, unable to change and adopt new business processes and modes of operation as your business changes. But with IFS Applications, whatever challenges you face, whatever the market throws at you, your enterprise solution will adjust without jeopardizing security, and with minimal business disruption.

IFS Applications can be deployed on premise on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms, hosted, or in private and public clouds such as Windows Azure. IFS Applications is extended to mobile devices with apps on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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IFS Cloud Solutions

IFS Cloud Solutions gives you what you need, how you need it, and payment options to suit your business.

IFS Cloud Solutions

Learn how IFS uses agile development methodology to meet evolving customer needs without sacrificing quality.


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