IFS Labs Success Stories

IFS Labs operates under a license to fail. Not all innovative solutions will make it into the product. Some might not even make it through the first months. But as Edward Land once said: “An essential aspect of creativeness is not being afraid to fail.”

Many of the IFS Labs projects didn’t fail and have led to new product capabilities. Here are some of these case studies:

  • IFS Aurena Bot, announced at the IFS World Conference 2018 as a private preview program, originated in IFS Labs. Already in 2015, IFS Labs showcased the first version of the chat bot's artificial intelligence capabilities inside IFS Applications. Many iterations and technology try-outs later, the IFS Aurena Bot is a fact. Surfacing both inside IFS Aurena as well as in third-party channel like Skype, it provides the user with a new conversational user interface to improve user experience.
  • IFS IoT Business Connector, announced at the IFS World Conference 2016, originated in IFS Labs. This Internet Of Things application started out as a proof-of-concept project with the urban transport operator, Sporveien, in Oslo, Norway, whose trains are equipped with sensors capturing large amounts of data about their service needs, enabling flexible, predictive maintenance, lower costs and ultimately more trains running.
  • IFS Streams, launched in IFS Applications 9, is a perfect example of IFS Labs research turning into business benefits. IFS Streams is a notification system designed to keep users close to the business by actively pushing out notifications triggered by updates and actions in IFS Applications, all customizable for each unique user.
  • IFS Touch Apps is a series of smartphone apps for Android, iOS and the Microsoft Windows Phone. Each app focuses on specific tasks such as expense and purchase approvals, customer relationship management (CRM) and time reporting. IFS Touch Apps utilize features such as GPS, voice recording and photo capture.