Mobile Business Applications For The Casual User

IFS Touch Apps is a series of business smartphone apps for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms. Each app focuses on a very clear task, presenting only the important information, and incorporates features such as GPS, voice recording and photo capture.

Benefits for the user

  • Minimize your admin back-log
  • Access critical business information on the fly
  • Make better use of the company’s ERP solution

Benefits for the business

  • More time for adding customer value
  • Reduce the risk of bottlenecks occurring in the business process
  • All critical business information is captured and entered into the system


This “CRM” app is the most wanted business app according to surveys—and we have it.

IFS Sales Companion is the ideal tool for you as a sales rep or manager to manage your customer and supplier accounts, activities, contacts and opportunities in the Sales & Marketing component of IFS Applications.

Key features include integration of activities into your phone’s calendar, integration with the on-board map application to view account and contact locations, and direct dialing and e-mailing from contacts.

Sales Companion


IFS Notify Me tells you when there are new business events requiring your attention and action. The notifications are shown in a single unified list where you can view details and take action—such as approvals—immediately.

In its current version, IFS Notify Me will notify you about new purchase requisitions, purchase orders, supplier invoices, and travel expenses waiting for your authorization.

Notify Me

IFS customer, CDF Corporation, recounts its experience of using IFS business app, IFS Notify Me, and explains the benefits of a cloud solution. And all it took was 2 hours of IT time to install the entire product.

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