IFS Retail Solution

IFS for Retail provides your Retail business with the back-bone system to support your front-end technology. To offer a true omni-channel, seamless shopping experience, product traceability throughout your value chain, is key. As you expand your front-end channels, IFS for Retail is component-based, and thus have the flexibility to change and integrate with the new technology and helps you manage all aspects of your business from headquarter to store operations. 

Merchandise & Assortment Planning

How do you ensure that you have the right products in the right store at the right time? From design to assortment planning and marketing, IFS for Retail makes it easier for you to give customers what they want without overloading your warehouses and hurting your margins. Our assortment sourcing and replenishment (ASR) functionality recognizes that the key to success is having the right products in the right store at the right time. Developed in collaboration with leading retailers, the ASR functionality covers ordering, distribution centers and stores. It also comes with planning capabilities that handle seasonality and changing customer demands.

Stock replenishment is responsive and automated, so you can set levels based on selling patterns and forecasts for individual stores and various parts of the assortment to cover size, color, fabric etc. 


To ensure that you have the right amount of inventory in your distribution centers at the right time, you need to keep track of your suppliers, as their delivery times and prices will influence your margins. IFS for Retail helps you monitor and manage your suppliers, keeping track of supplier scheduling, price agreements and invoices (with self-billing functionality), and monitoring delivery to ensure your delivery is in route and that you have received the right amount. To get a realistic cost of your procurement, you can value your stock against the landed cost to include transportation fees, customs, duties, taxes, insurance, currency conversion, crating, handling and payment fees.

Warehouse Management & Distribution

How do you acquire and maintain a proper merchandise assortment while ordering, shipping, handling, and keeping related costs in check? When you’ve planned your year or season, IFS for Retail helps you handle distribution with total control over your stock. IFS Warehouse Data Collection™ (IFS WDC™) gives you a complete overview of all the transactions in your warehouses and stores. 

Staff equipped with mobile devices can register and track every movement in real time so you know the exact status of your stock and can rapidly react to peaks and dips in sales. With preset levels, most of the adjustments can be made automatically. IFS for Retail also enables you to track and trace your stock while in transit, giving you ample time to react if disruptions occur along the way. 

And there’s more! With IFS Applications, complete warehouse visibility means that every store in your chain knows not only exactly what it has in stock, but also what the other stores have—down to the finest detail. This means that staff can reserve items for customers, in their own store or another store in the vicinity, or even have the goods sent home to customers, for example. The result is greater customer satisfaction, enhanced warehouse efficiency, lower inventory costs, and ultimately, higher profits.

Sales & Analyze

In a busy and very competitive retail market, how do you retain customer attention and turn it into a sale, repeated sale and achieve customer loyalty? Compatible with a range of point of sales (POS) and eCommerce systems, IFS for Retail turns sales into customer relationship management. Managing all your master data, IFS for Retail keeps your POS systems up to date on sales, campaigns, discounts etc. as required. With all the customer information you need at your fingertips, you can individualize the service and offerings you provide. This means greater customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of repeat sales—and the all-important customer loyalty. 

With IFS Applications, you can offer your customers an omni-channel experience safe in the knowledge that you have the power to make accurate forecasts and the agility to adapt as markets, seasons and preferences vary. Also, thanks to its built-in business intelligence functionality, you have the tools you need to analyze your operations and how they react to, and predict, trends and other variables.

IFS for Retail - Supporting Your Entire Supply Chain



Up until about 15 years ago, most shopping was done in brick-and-mortar stores and paid for over the counter. At the turn of the millennium, however, in-store shopping was increasingly challenged by e-business. Bricks were replaced by clicks. One of the striking features of these sudden changes is the effect they had on the retail business. New, global companies emerged, and many long-established companies failed or were forced into radical change. What singled out the survivors and thrivers was their ability to turn change into opportunity. Agility was a major success factor here—and still is.


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