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Retail Personalization

Although Personalization traditionally have been a buzzword for many years, today more than ever, consumers are craving a more personal interaction with retailers that are tailored to their needs - and they are willing to share personal data to support this. Technology have matured and can now support a targeted retail offer for those retailers who are wanting to embrace the concept of personalization. Are you one of these retailers?

A reality check for many retailers is that more than half of retailers believe that they are providing a personalized experience, however data shows otherwise. With technology providing you with the data you need to understand your customers, their needs, shopping habits, tastes etc, you can target them with personalized content and product offers that is more likely to engage them and lead to purchase.  In many cases, this involves a strategic approach with an upfront investment in IT Infrastructure.

Consider a well-planned marketing campaign that get the customer to the shop, and then in-store the customer are overlooked by your associates, and faces long ques and out-of-stock products. Imagine using technology to greet this customer by name, having the right product, in store at the right time and suggesting additional products that are of personal relevance to them.

Download our resources around personalization on the underlying trends, building successful strategy and how to offer a truly personalized customer experience enabled by technology.

How do retailers define personalization, what data do they have available, what plans & priorities do they have, what challenges are they facing, and what are the key trends going forward?


Segmentation and high-quality data are the cornerstone of a personalization strategy; the key is building as comprehensive picture of your customer as possible. So how do you proceed defining a strategy?


An omni-channel transaction may be triggered on a smart screen, but delivering on it depends on end-to-end goods visibility, planning and forecasting supply, demand and inventory-all in real time. To truly deliver personlization across channels, retailers´ suggestions come from the same source: their ERP system.



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